The Islamic International Arab Bank

The Islamic International Arab Bank has for the third consecutive year, succeeded in showing that it possesses all the elements of power and success, and has further proved, year after year its unfailing ability to achieve targeted goals and dividends, in addition to its excellent performance in spite of the negative external conditions to which Jordan is still exposed, such as the continued blockade of Iraq, the difficulty of exporting to the Palestinian market and the prevailing state of uncertainty that engulfs the Middle East peace process which influences negatively the behavior of both clients and investors alike.

The Bank's results for the year 2000 clearly show the level to which it has advanced and its ability to acquire profits for both shareholders and depositors. The Bank has managed to achieve positive growth in its net profits amounting to 121.6% while the return on assets (ROA) has risen to 2.5% against 1.5% for the previous year.

Furthermore, the Bank has achieved parallel growth in its clients' deposits. This was reflected generally in the Bank's use of its funds and assets through the adoption of sound policies that maintain its success and sustainability, and the careful use of its resources to safeguard its financial position so as to achieve a balanced outcome for all stockholders.

The Islamic International Arab Bank adopts a sound Islamic approach to address all activities and functions of society.

The Islamic International Arab Bank continues to diversity and improve its financial services and is always seeking to excel in performance and to maintain a high quality and caliber in all its new services and products. The Bank's investment in modern technology is considered to be an important policy element that is enabling it to achieve superior customer service.

We are fully aware of the problems and obstacles that are facing the banking industry and are employing every way possible to overcome them by adopting the best means in credit risk management, following up and monitoring the Bank's operations and preparing fully-fledged strategic plans to guide the Bank through the years to come. Our future mandate for growth and development is based on five pillars: first and foremost, to respond effectively and qualitatively to the wishes and needs of our clients and to build up their funds responsibly and carefully, secondly, to introduce and develop an Islamic products base in the Jordanian market, thirdly, to enhance and support our financial position and to closely monitor all elements of risk, fourthly to develop human resources to ensure their excellent performance is maintained and, finally, to ensure the effective use of modern technology, which is not so much considered a goal in itself as an element of increased capability for the Bank.

Finally, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all members of the Board of Directors for their efforts. I am also proud of the sincere efforts that were exerted by all employees of this institution, whom I warmly thank for their cooperation, and I further express my deep appreciation to our respective clients who have given us the confidence and support that made it possible for us to achieve good results during the last year.

Khalid Shoman
Chairman of the Board of Directors