Oman Arab Bank Head Office





The Arab National Bank, Saudi Arabia

Challenge and Opportunity

Enhancing the customers' confidence is an objective that was targeted by the management a long time ago, even before the recent trend in the banking industry. The top management of the Bank has also gone down to the grassroots to identify its customers' needs. Periodical management meetings between branches and top management at Head Office have become a regular event. The rich blend of Head Office knowledge of operating units coupled with strategic planning capabilities, enables the Bank to excel in identifying the performances of its customers and meeting them effectively.

Several studies and surveys were carried out in 1995 to examine and evaluate the marketing process at Arab Bank Group. They addressed all aspects of marketing, including the Bank's products and services, its distribution and sales channels, pricing, customer segments, and the utilization of new marketing concepts. The conclusions of the marketing research and customer survey underlined the growing need for a new and wider range of private banking products and services. In order to meet our clients' needs and improve our existing operations, a task force for private banking was set up to outline the strategic changes that the Group needs to adopt. The task force also put forward a short- and medium-term plan of action. Improvements in the Group's private banking services will be carried out on a global basis and private banking functions will be separate from other banking activities. We will invest sufficient resources to achieve our objectives. The Group aims to be the number one provider of private banking services to Arab individuals. We also aim to become a leader in providing private banking services in the markets we serve.

Arab Bank will continue to capitalize on the positive aspects of change and challenge. We shall remain focused on our objectives to excel in serving our customers and to enhance the welfare of our shareholders. Our success symbolizes the fulfillment of our mission in serving the communities in which we operate.

Khalid Shoman
Deputy Chairman,
Board of Directors