" Where administration was concerned, I knew that my primary role was to work towards the Bank's continuous development; to remain abreast of new and modern trends; while constantly being cognizant of the demands for tackling future competition. I was also concerned with the welfare of our personnel and with improving their conditions and maintaining their high morale."

In 1957, Khalid was elected as a member in the Board of Directors of the Arab Bank
King Faisal Street branch in Amman. This building was the Head Office of the Arab Bank for many years
Tripoli, Lybia, 1958, Khalid delivering a speech



" As for my role as Board member, I participated positively with you in the monitoring, control and piloting of the Bank, prompted by a sound belief in the values of our institution and a deep awareness of my commitment towards the interests of the shareholders."

Khalid Shoman wrote these words in his letter of withdrawal from the Arab Bank on the 19th of May 2001. They reflected his perception of his role and mission in the Arab Bank. The terms "development and modernization" were synonymous with Khalid Shoman's name. He endeavored tirelessly throughout his working life, which spanned half a century, to modernize the Arab Bank; develop its administration; update its services, products and delivery channels, as well as safeguard the welfare of the Bank's staff and employees.

Administrative development, hence, rated highest on his list of priorities and stayed closest to his heart and mind.

At the beginning of his career in the Arab Bank, in the mid twentieth century, and as a young man full of enthusiasm and passion, Khalid Shoman presented to the Board of Directors a report to modernize practices at the Bank, which the UK Midland Bank experts had prepared at his request. Later on in the century, in 1998, he was strongly behind the reengineering of the operations in the Bank.

On both occasions, he was acting from his conviction that there is no alternative to progress and development for the institution that is slow to embrace the changing demands of the age will eventually lag behind.

In between those two occasions, Khalid Shoman's life was a life of dedication to the Arab Bank and of commitment to keeping it in the forefront.