In memory of Khalid Shoman,
his wife and children have
established the Khalid Shoman
Foundation which will pursue his
vision of a future renaissance in
the Arab world. Khalid Shoman
has been the patron of Darat al Funun since it's inception in 1993.
Now under the umbrella of the
Khalid Shoman Foundation, Darat
al Funun
will intensify its mission,
spreading awareness in the fields
of the Arts, Architecture and
Archaeology.The Khalid Shoman
Foundation aims at being a haven
for knowledge and progress,
dedicated to the moral values
which Khalid Shoman upheld
throughout his life.

The office of Khalid Shoman at "Dar Khalid"
  The Khalid Shoman Foundation has marked the first anniversary of Khalid Shoman's passing away with a
commemorative exhibition and the publishing of two books. "Khalid Shoman, A life of dedication" a
bilingual book in arabic and english documenting his life and work and "Diwani", in arabic, a collection of poems by Ahmad Hilmi Abdul Baqi, Khalid Shoman's Grandfather.

The Khalid Shoman Foundation has extended the range of its support to the medical and education fields giving scholarships in Jordan and abroad to gifted students.
In 2002, the Khalid Shoman Dialysis Unit was opened at the Queen Rania Hospital to serve patients in the Petra region.
In 2004, to support the rehabilitation department at al Hussein Society for the Physically Challenged and to introduce water physiotherapy, a swimming pool facility was offered to the Center.
In 2006, marking the 5th commemoration of Khalid Shoman's passing, the Khalid Shoman Nuclear Medicine Department was inaugurated by H.M. King Abdullah II at the King Hussein Cancer Center.
At the archaeological site of Darat al Funun, on Thursday 29th of June, the Hadra, Tunisian Sufi songs and prayers by Fadel al Jaziri and his group were recited in remembrance of Khalid Shoman.

On June 30th 2011, marking the 10th commemoration, a new building across the Darat al Funun compound was inaugurated to serve as headquarters for The Khalid Shoman Foundation. Artworks from The Khalid Shoman private collection are on display in the new building and working spaces are provided for researchers and winners of The Darat al Funun Dissertation Fellowship for the Study of Modern and Contemporary Arab Art established that same year.
Old warehouses were also modernized to become the Lab, an experimental space and a hub for artists and innovative projects.

A donation for establishing a New Education Center and Auditorium in the new KHCC expansion was also made.