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A Special Relation

Arab Bank management belief in its mission crowns the elements that have enabled it to achieve continuous success. Its objectives exceed the usual income generating goals. The Bank is in partnership with the societies where it operates, its aim being to enhance their welfare and participate in their economic and social development. For the Bank to exceed in its endeavors, its customers must share its beliefs and play an active role in the fulfillment of its objectives.

When we go back in memory, we can recapture vivid pictures that exemplify the special relation bonding Arab Bank to its customers. The children and grandchildren of those who entrusted us with their banking business more than 60 years ago are our customers today. The bank succeeded in growing in harmony with their development and prosperity. Arab Bank history is part of their heritage because it has been a trusted advisor to them in problems that have sometimes been beyond the bounds of business and finance.

Our client is not a mere number in a transaction. He is a member of the family. We know the first names of our customers as they know ours. This special relation is evident in troublesome times. During political crisis, for example, new customers join and clients' deposits grow. The management of Arab Bank works hard to enhance this mutual trust by following clear and reliable policies.

Arab Bank works to meet the needs of its customers in a simple and direct manner. A full line of useful products has been designed over the years. This includes retail banking, private banking, trade and industrial financing, merchant banking, consumer and real estate lending and international banking services.

Arab Bank aims to excel in its performance. The Bank does not take quality for granted; it masters all elements of its services, molding them to serve its customers. Information and advice are presented clearly in order to enhance the customer's chances of success. Technical excellence has been a basic element in building this special relation.

All resources are utilized to increase our efficiency to serve our clients promptly. One of the main ingredients of the bank's success in the financial sector is its selected staff. Throughout the history of the Bank, its employees' dedication and perseverance have been its source of power. Our customers' loyalty and confidence are a direct response to our staff performance. The Bank takes great pride in knowing that it has employed generations of outstanding individuals who are at the forefront in the fields of finance and banking.

Arab bank's investment in modern technology is another important element of its policy to achieve distinction in customer services. The Bank is a leader in utilizing modern technology in its operations. Our investment in automated services, data processing, and communications, enable our customers to execute their banking transactions instantaneously. The facilities of the bank also enable them to obtain relevant and timely information.

To complement our efforts to excel in serving our customer, we have traveled with them the East and West. A diversified network of branches and subsidiaries covering most of the international financial centers in the world has been placed at their disposal, thus enabling them to receive immediate assistance and saving them unnecessary expense. The Bank's global network has also enriched our customer base through the addition of new facilities in the countries where the Bank operates.

Our customers' trust in the Bank is based on its good financial position. Arab Bank has proved time and again its ability to survive and succeed during periods of crisis thanks to its sound policies. Prudent management of funds has enabled the Bank to maintain a strong and healthy financial position responding to customer's needs and fulfilling its commitments towards them in troublesome times. The Bank's sustained care of its customers' interests has been instrumental in deepening their confidence in the Bank.

We are certain that the special relation with our customers will flourish in the future despite the significant change affecting all aspects of life. Many assumptions on which we used to build our banking industry is entering an era in which it will compelled to increase its effectiveness in a way that might weaken direct relation between client and bank. Despite all of these elements, Arab Bank will continue to remain faithful to its customers, focusing on their strategies and needs. We shall be aiming for a renewed future partnership in the same way as we have shared past success.

Khalid Shoman
Deputy Chairman,
Board of Directors