Chairman of the Board:

Arab Bank Australia Ltd
Arab Tunisian Bank
Islamic International Arab Bank
Arab Investment Bank S.a.l., Lebanon

Deputy Chairman:

Oman Arab Bank
Arab Bank Austria AG
Arab Bank Frankfurt
Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
The Arab Computing Cie
The Arab Palestinian Investment Bank
The Commercial Building Cie

Member of the Board:

The Arab National Bank, Saudi Arabia
Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd
Central Bank of Jordan (20.2.1984 - 30.6.2001)
Noor al Hussein Foundation
Royal Jordanian (1974 - 1997)

Amman, January 2001, during the Annual Budget meetings with his brother, Abdul Majeed, and nephew, Abdul Hameed


Sydney 1988, Khalid, Chairman of the Arab Bank Australia, opening a branch


Zurich 1980, Board of Directors of the Arab Bank Switzerland
London 1998, The Board of Directors of the Arab Bank
Seoul 1989, opening of the Arab Bank Korea branch
New York 1998, Annual Budget meeting
Amman January 2001, Annual Budget meeting for Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon