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Future orientation

The year 2000 has witnessed continued and increased efforts by the Arab Bank to maintain its strategic position by accommodating to changes in the international banking environment. These included several initiatives to ensure a positive long-term impact.

The Arab Bank has persistently followed the development in the banking industry as they have rapidly unfolded over the past period. These involved technological advances, globalization, an increased role for international monetary authorities, and their mandatory regulations for all financial institutions in the international arena. On the regional front, privatizations, the developments of the emerging Arab capital markets and the growth of several Arab economies have been taking place.

The result and impacts of such factors have been closely monitored by the Arab Bank. New and vast opportunities have opened up while some of the most traditional activities have slowly receded.

A new generation of clients with different needs, has become the focus of banking activities that have multiplied and evolved to more sophisticated levels.

Fierce competition has arisen with the increased use of electronic trade and the influx of international banks to the Arab region which is our domain and primary source of a diversified client base.

The Arab Bank has prudently faced these changes by capitalizing on its strengths, of which a strong financial position is a core element, driven by high quality ratios and capital adequacy levels which surpass the requirements of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision. Another key strength is the wide base of loyal clients to whom we are respectfully committed. Moreover, our long-standing history and knowledge of the Arab World support our unlimited growth in the region and presence in the world markets.

In pursuing our objectives, I have assigned the mission of reviewing and updating our strategy and work plans to a Task Force comprised of selected Executives of the Bank. This task force will present recommendations for adapting to these changes and enhancing our competitiveness in present and prospective markets.

Over the year, we have also reorganized our branches in Europe and the United Arab Emirates by establishing a Regional Management for each, in a move to improve efficiency by pooling our resources, eliminating redundancy and increasing both returns on investments and profits.

As the Arab Bank commemorated its 70th anniversary with the turn of the century, I would like to emphasize that our institution clearly assesses surrounding and forthcoming events and has the tenacity to meet changing events in such a way as to affirm its leading role amongst the largest banking institutions of the world.

Khalid Shoman,
Deputy Chairman,
Board of Directors