Khalid Shoman was the Deputy Chairman of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation. Established by the Arab Bank in 1978, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation is non-profit cultural institution dedicated to the promotion of knowledge, research and development in the fields of the sciences, the humanities and the arts. The Foundation seeks to embody and perpetuate the legacy and ideals of the founder of the Arab Bank and his commitment to the national development of the Arab World.

Amman 1978, the first Board of Directors of AHSF
  As deputy chairman Khalid Shoman nurtured the development and expansion of the Foundation that constitutes today a leading scientific and cultural institution in the Arab World, developing the role that the private sector can play in nurturing culture, and spreading the idea of scientific ways of thought which would promote the renaissance of the Arab nation.  
The computerized library

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation has devoted its efforts to supporting scientific research through its patronage of the work of the young generation of scientists, by publishing their research and by awarding annual prizes as a means of motivation. The Foundation also established the first well-equipped and fully computerized library in Jordan, as well as an information data bank, which facilitated the retrieval of information by Arab researchers in an age of constantly-evolving technology. By establishing the Scientific and Cultural Forum, in 1987, the Foundation gave due attention to the wider public. At the Forum, Arab scientists and thinkers debate their ideas through weekly lectures and seminars, contributing to the enrichment of Arab intellectual life.

The building of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation in Amman


The lecture hall

The Foundation has also been supporting the educational institutions and Arab research centers by organizing and financing scientific conferences, as well as publishing and translating works of Arab thinkers, poets, and writers. Recently, the Foundation created the cinematheque, in which Arab and international films can be seen on weekly basis, in addition to providing the opportunity to hold film festivals.

Stemming from the belief that knowledge is without frontier, and that it should be nurtured from the earliest stages, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation extended its patronage to the educative activities of children, by establishing specialized children's library and a computer section, to enable up-and-coming generations to be familiar with new forms of technology and information.

Knowledge, Awareness, and Dedication are the keywords that symbolize the message of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.

Throughout his life, Khalid Shoman has been true to this mission of upholding the spirit of the traditions and the legacy transferred from one generation to the other, yet with a clear vision and faith in the achievement of today, providing coming generations with knowledge and opportunities they need in order to face the rigorous challenges of their future.