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New Horizons

The structure and systems of global financial markets are undergoing significant changes at an unexpected pace. Under these conditions competition will intensify among banks at national and international levels, and changes in the business environment will drastically influence performance.

Arab bank's progress owes much to its continuously prudent and conservative policies, its well-planned and persistent expansion in international markets, and its firms commitment to develop its staff's abilities and to modernize its systems.

Arab Bank Ltd. will pursue its expansion in international markets with special emphasis on the Far East and Europe. Our policies will continue to concentrate on fully assuring the safety of all funds entrusted to us. We shall do our best to selectively introduce innovative financial products that may serve our customers more efficiently.

By anticipating and fully preparing to meet changes in the business environments, we intend to enhance our reliability and usefulness to our customers and the long-term value of our shareholders' investments.

Khalid Shoman
Deputy Chairman