Khalid Shoman was a pioneer in the automation of the Bank in the fifties, initiating the use of the most modern machines and equipment at the time. He later introduced the computerization of the Bank's operations, and established the on-line system of communication among the Bank's branches. He also instituted the inter-branches services for customers and the direct transactions via the electronic teller machines and the phone banking.

Khalid was a pioneer in the automation of the Bank in the 1950s
Khalid with his father


Khalid with his mentor, the late Abdul Rahman Bushnaq, Assistant General Manager of the Arab Bank

The Arab Bank, as a result, became the pioneer in offering such services in most Arab countries.

Khalid Shoman's propensity for keeping up with the new developments in the world and his ability to foretell their future impact on the banking industry, as well as his constant preoccupation with the need to provide the best and most modern services and products to the Bank's customers, were all in the forefront of his objectives for development and progress.

He also championed the use of the most modern techniques in the financial planning. He started preparing, in the seventies, the financial budgeting for the Arab Bank in its different regions. He also established a research and financial department. He used to personally supervise the preparations for the budget meetings. He would make it a point to attend all meetings listening to the Bank's managers and viewing, firsthand, the problems they faced in their respective markets. They would benefit from his knowledge of the latest developments in the banking sector worldwide and with the developments of the Arab Bank in other regions. He would discuss and approve their budgets and action plans and ensure their needs for the coming years.

Khalid Shoman's relationship with the Bank's personnel was very special. It derived from his unique personality, his kind nature and his unparalleled ability to trigger the best in each of them. To his staff, he was as much an affectionate father and a warm friend as a fair and solicitous superior. He had a remarkable ability for encouraging those around him to think critically and creatively in search of new solutions. He would then support their ideas and provide for their implementation, allowing them to learn from their experiences and to continue with their constructive thinking, serving the interests of the Bank. He was also attentive to the welfare of the personnel, reviewing, whenever the need arose, the salary scales in the different regions where the Bank was operating, and implementing modern approaches in that respect whereby the Bank would match market realities without being unnecessarily burdened.

Khalid Shoman in Yemen

He also cared to provide the staff with the training they needed to develop their skills and keep up-to-date and he would furnish incentives and opportunities for outstanding employees to be promoted to posts of responsibility.

It suffices to say that Khalid Shoman earned the love of his staff, their loyalty and respect for him, which drove them to try harder to live up to his expectations and trust . He was able to win their absolute trust in his integrity and fairness.