Khalid was very fond of all kinds of sports. He played Polo, enjoyed car racing, skiing and he learned flying. He was also a certified diver and played tennis, squash and golf. His favorite sport throughout his life, however, was fishing. Whether deep-sea fishing or line fishing, he traveled the world in search of the best spots. Catching a small fish would give him as much joy as landing big game.

Maui 1984

In 1961, in Puerto Rico, he won the first prize for catching the biggest white marlin of the season.

Till the end of his days, even after his lung transplant operation in October 1999, he enjoyed the pleasures of fishing, out in the open seas in Hurghada, Egypt.


Khalid playing tennis after his lung transplant operation
Hurghada March 2001, fishing with his Austrian doctor, Prof. Walter Klepetko