Khalid Abdul Hameed Shoman

By Rafiq Al Hariri
Prime Minister of Lebanon,
Ad Dustour 5/7/2001

One of the worst moments in life is to hear about the loss of a dear friend. The late Khalid Abdul Hameed Shoman is one friend who will be missed for a long time to come. He will be sorely missed from our circle of friends of which the Shoman family is one of its pillars.

Those who know Khalid well will no doubt feel grief for his absence in Jerusalem, in Amman, Beirut, Riyadh, and the rest of the capitals, whether near or far. They will miss his personality that was forged in amity, honesty, seriousness, kindness, honour, perseverance, and continued success. Throughout, he kept shouldering heavy responsibilities, in one of the major financial groups of the Arab world, until the last days of his life, fighting for its growth and progress until he fell in the battlefield.

I knew him as a brother, as a friend and as a partner in our hopes, dreams and ambitions. He was a genuine member in the club of honesty, honour and loyalty. The hearts of those who knew him hold a special place of reverence and respect for his abilities, expertise and achievements. These will remain a distinguished mark in the prominent history of his deep-rooted Arab family.

Khalid Shoman lived to preserve the Arab Bank as a shining beacon in the financial world. He gave the Arab Bank of his knowledge, effort, experience and life. He dedicated to the Bank long years of service until his death, leaving behind his legacy and his last wish that the Arab Bank has to preserve the status it has reached over the years.

My beloved friend Abu Omar:
Your kind face will not be forgotten and your good name and fragrant memory will remain with us, God willing.

May God compensate us with Aysha and Omar, with your brothers, friends and your good family where your name has been recorded in its distinguished pages: a name eternal for its outstanding works.

May God grant you mercy.